cf741 Real Men Eat Keisha Real Men Eat Keisha

Put on your sex bib and get ready for a full-on sexual smorgasbord with that darling dumpling of the D-Cup set, Keisha! She’s more than just an appetizer! She’s an erotic entree! Dig in!

Lenght: 01:15:44

Year: 1987

Director: Joseph F. Robertson

Kristara Barrington   
Robert Bullock   
Jerry Butler   
Tess Ferre   
Tamara Longley   
Buddy Love   
Sharon Mitchell   
Joey Silvera   
Randy West   

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retro porn649 Different Strokes

The legends of Hollywood are laid bare (and otherwise) in this tinseltown-themed double feature that’s got Bucky seeing stars… The different folks in Different Strokes are a pair of couples who start their day the American way (and we don’t mean with Florida orange juice). As usual, the men are as ugly as homemade sin but the gals are slices of prime Seventies porn poon. In one corner, you’ve got Bernie, an Afro’d twerp who looks like the lost fourth Hudson guy. In the other corner is Charles (Rick Lutze), a chuckling muttonhead with a bad Prince Valiant hairdo(n’t) and his slutty almost-Asian wife. After a bout of rise-fuck-and-shine, Bernie splits for Charles’ house where he works as Charles’ wife’s agent (she’s a screenwriter — oh, sure) and, of course, he’s screwing her right under Charlie’s nose. But Charles is too busy to notice ’cause he’s laying pipe to Jennifer West, the only member of his acting class (!) which is apparently held in his living room. The whole elaborately stupid scheme is, er, blown wide open when Charles and his wife stumble upon Bernie conducting a cavity search on the acting student. Charlie’s wife confesses to boning Bernie, and he makes her eat out the wanna-be starlet.This is some kind of solution, I guess. There are plenty of unanswered questions throughout Different Strokes, not the least of which being the whole work/living situation at Charles’ house, but do you really care? We didn’t think so. Roll the next one, please.


Year: 1978

Director: N/A

Jennifer West   
Rick Lutze   

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Hinter verschlossenen Turen Hinter verschlossenen Turen...

It’s tough assignment, but someone’s got to do it! A beautiful TV news reporter takes her film crew undercover (so to speak) and gets the lusty low-down on people’s sexual fantasies for the evening new. From A to Z, the variety of human erotic stimulation is an eye-opening, mind-blowing experience. Featuring Kandi Barber, Laurien Dominique, Kathy Adair, Serena and Kyoto, that Japanese typhoon of torrid Oriental orality, no sexual act goes undone! The news at eleven was never like this. So don’t change that dial!

Lenght: 01:26:42

Year: 1980

Director: Clair Dia

Loni Sanders   
Kandi Barbour   
Jamie Gillis   
Paul Thomas   
Cris Cassidy   
Laurien Dominique   
Kyoto Sun   
Cathy Adair   
Mimi Morgan   
Richard Pacheco   
Valerie Adair   
Dolores Tenorio   
Susan Adie   
John Seeman   
Ken Scudder   
Jon Martin   
Blair Harris   

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eb867 Formula 69 Formula 69

Sexual secret agent Jamie Bond must save the world from Formula 69, a perfume that makes men helpless and turns women into mindless sex zombies. With her ‘license to thrill,’ only agent Bond can overcome the fiendish anarchist plotters and rise to the top. And she does.

Lenght: 01:20:09

Year: 1984

Director: Drea

Kelly Nichols   
Kristara Barrington   
Blossom Lei   
Desiree Lane   
Tony Burk   
Ray Sterling   
Long Chaney   

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retro sex183 Back To The Orient

Have you ever dreamed of having a beautiful oriental woman service your every desire, no matter how wicked? This is the story of a business that provides Asian women to horny American men.

Lenght: 01 h 23 min 03 sec

Year: 1992

Director: Milton Ingley

Saki St. Jermaine   
Shawnee Cates   
Austin Moore   
Cal Jammer   
Tom Byron   

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retro porno2 Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 160

Welcome to the second all-lesbo edition of “The Lost Loops of 42nd Street” featuring the lines! in muff-mauling, twat-tonguing, boob-fondling fun Among the sweethearts on display are: China Chick (color): Hot little dark haired lady kisses cooze on a couch with an Asian cutie who loves making eye contact with the camera. Mmmmmmm .. Nothing like eating off fine china… Over (color): Two honeys get lovey-dovey on a leopard skin bed Nice, slow build and lots of tender loving Hair. Blondes in Heat (color): CONNIE PETERSON and another blonde sample each other’s box o’ love. Great closeups and an old fashioned pussy-bumping finale! Gender Bender (b&w): Butch bitch wears a shirt, lie. and a fake dick sticking out of her pants. Though butch baby is kinda spooky, her enthusiastic gal-pal shows her approval by spreading for a screwing with the strap-on! Ladies Who Love (color): Exotic-looking dark haired girl sucks face, noshes knockers, and licks labias with another pretty lady Hot. lithe bodies and energetic performances A definite “10.” Big Hair Babes (b&w): Sexy sixties sluts, with giant hairdos (complete with big, bright bows), smear baby oil on each other and rub nipples. Where are they today? Stockings & Garters (color): two gals in great underwear get gooey with each other in front of picturesque view of the ocean. And wherever there’s water, there’s bound to be beaver… Dark and Delicious (color): Two black beauties celebrate ebony love by going wild on each other in a backyard while a geeky guy in a farmer’s hat watches and whacks Hey, Jerk! No beef allowed! Prison Poon (color): Three jail cell dykes share a double headed dildo and each other. Now, these are what you d call model prisoners.. Wives at Play (color): Hottest loop this volume. Three super hot ladies party at poolside with special lesbian-style subtitles- “Lift Up!.” ’Lick It Up’” and, of course, “Ohhhhhhh!”

Lenght: 01:48:00

Year: 1969

Director: N/A

Connie Peterson   

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retro sex54 Asian Sluts In The 70s

This is a great collection of the Asian starlets of the past. From classic porn movies of the day, to grainy loops that were seen in seedy arcades. This is a great collection, that shows what things were like in our parents days.


Year: 1977

Director: N/A

China Leigh   
Jade Wong   
Linda Wong   
Mai Lin   
Mei Ling   
Don Fernando   
Francois Papillon   
Frank James   
Jesse Adams   
Joey Silvera   
John Leslie   
Mike Ranger   

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classic sex1107 Fuzz Vol. 91: Legendary Idol Vol. 21

Her big boobs are shaking. The voice of moaning rocks the bed. Natsuko is one of the popular porn starlets in classic Japanese AV 80s. she appeared in 1989 and her nice jugs and ass turned all the men on!

Lenght: 01 h 08 min 00 sec

Year: N/A

Director: N/A

Natsuko Kayama   

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6b0e9 corn holed hussies Cornholed Hussies

What is this, a corn hole party? It would seem so, because every guest in the house, while they do everything else, seems to have his (and her) mind on one very special target. That includes exotic Oriental beauty Kristara Barrington, who wants hot Rick Savage to take her on a tour of the house, especially the bedroom. Rick is only too happy to oblige, but once he gets there he wants to take a tour of Kristara – and the feeling is mutual. Their mouths are watering so they have to sample the goodies, which they do with a great deal of gusto. Since no holes are barred to intimate and prolonged exploration, they move from one to the other, ending up with Kristara’s end up and being pleasured by her knowledgeable tour guide. Some of the rooms are interracial melting pots where the sexual temperatures become incandescent. Black star Billy Dee is in the midst of satisfying his lusts with a white girl when a blonde guy comes in to make it a threesome. In yet another room a girl on a bed masturbating with a buzzing vibrator is visited by black Amos and white Archie and gets her dreams of double-penetration come true in a deep and colorful way. There are bare skins everywhere, but in one room there is a bearskin, and in it is a human male on the prowl.

Lenght: 01:13:51

Year: 1986

Director: N/A

Kristara Barrington   
Herschel Savage   
Lisa Thatcher   
Billy Dee   
Marc Wallice   
Tiffany Blake   
Crystal Lake   

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ade1c Golden Age Kristara Barrington Golden Age Of Porn: Kristara Barrington

Lenght: 00:56:10

Year: N/A

Director: N/A

Kristara Barrington   

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