1a328 Call Me Angel Sir Call Me Angel, Sir!

Evil aunt abuses orphan girl.

Lenght: 01:08:13

Year: 1976

Director: David Davidson

Zebedy Colt   
Jean Dalton   
Bambi Deer   
Luis De Jesus   
Jeffrey Hurst   
Wade Nichols   
Annie Sprinkle   

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06653 Cherry Hustlers Cherry Hustlers

Lenght: 01:03:43

Year: 1977

Director: Ron Dorfman

Roger Caine   
Jennifer Jordan   
Vanessa del Rio   
Alan Marlow   
Annie Sprinkle    
Brooke Young    
Carry Graham    
Cheryl White    
Taylor Young    
Bobby Astyr    
Michael Maxwell    

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Throat 12 Years After Throat: 12 Years After

First, it was Deep Throat. Now 12 sexually-liberated years later, Gerard Damiano brings us a scintillating look at our ‘anything goes’ society. From swing clubs, to extra-marital affairs, to orgies, to studs-for-hire, Damiano leaves no kink unturned in his quest to show just how far we’ll go to achieve carnal satisfaction.

Lenght: 01:23:22

Year: 1984

Director: Gerard Damiano

Michelle Maren   
Sharon Kane   
Sharon Mitchell   
Joanna Storm   
Alan Adrian   
Nicole Bernard   
Jerry Butler   
Gerard Damiano   
Kenny Dee   
Baby Doe   
Margo DuMont   
Eric Edwards   
Annette Heinz   
George Payne   
David Sanders   
Joey Silvera   
Laurie Smith   
Bobby Spector   
Annie Sprinkle   
Athena Star   
Marc Stevens   
Spring Taylor   

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23f11 The Devil Inside Her The Devil Inside Her

A mind-blowing, demon-infested tale of incestuous mayhem! Zebedy Colt plays a puritanistic farmer who rules over his family with an iron hand. He sadistically punishes his daughters, attempting to repress their sexual urges. The daughter’s response is a revengeful pact with Satan. The huge cocked devil possesses the entire family. Identities shift and transform randomly. The mother, father and daughters fuck one another savagely.

Lenght: 01:09:12

Year: 1977

Director: Zebedy Colt

Jody Maxwell
Terri Hall
Dean Tait
Zebedy Colt
Renee Sanz
Chad Lambert
Nancy Dare
Annie Sprinkle
Rod Dumont

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3ea4a a28604 xlf Get Deep Inside Annie SprinkleDigitally remastered from the original 35mm negative.

An all time fan favorite, VideoXPix is proud to present the full uncut, uncensored version for the first time since it’s original cinema release.

Definitely Annie Sprinkle’s best film, “Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle”, represents one of the best examples of the golden age of adult porn.

An early example of “docu-porn”, Annie combines her trademark sexual kinkiness and taboo-defying sexual fantasies to produce some of the most memorable erotic scenes recorded.

Made with legendary director Joe Sarno and featuring the legendary Ron Jeremy in one of his earliest roles, Annie presents a personal account of her life introducing vignettes showing off her unbelievably hot and taboo sexual fantasies.

Watch the Full Length, High Quality Movie!

Stars: Marc Valentine Jack Teague Annie Sprinkle

Categories: Award Winning Movies 80′s Gold Classic Feature Big Tits

Scene Number: 7

Orientation: Straight

Studio Name: Video X Pix

Read A Review of Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle!

The fourth of the Evart profile pictures – following Jennifer Welles, Gloria Leonard and Seka and predating Little Oral Annie and Angel Cash – centers on the unique Annie Sprinkle, one of the most gloriously sexual women who ever walked on God’s earth and a great personal heroine of mine to boot. No carnal act between consenting adults could ever be kinky to Annie, the Mother Theresa of sex, whose stage shows, work shops, books, movies and what not have accomplished tons of tiny miracles in changing people’s consciousness and the way they view themselves as well as the way they (and others) live and love. The once shy little Jewish girl named Ellen has struggled with her own identity and preferences throughout much of her adult life, a struggle she has candidly shared with the rest of the world, her army of admirers steadily growing over the years. DEEP INSIDE ANNIE SPRINKLE undoubtedly contains more truth than its fellow profile films and remains a lot of people’s personal favorite of the series.

As usual, director’s credit goes to the star, though veteran filmmaker Joe Sarno once again helped out as evidenced by the many extremely well-handled sex sequences which tend to get a tad “nastier” here in keeping with Annie’s “anything goes” nature. Highlights include the star’s worship of male buttocks (and all that comes with them…) courtesy of curly-haired cute guy Marc Valentine (Christie Ford’s trick from Howard Winter’s PLATINUM PARADISE), a totally erotic urination scene with Scott “Mal O’Ree” Mallory similar to the one they shared in Gerard Damiano’s stupendous SATISFIERS OF ALPHA BLUE and the romantic lovemaking with hunky Ron Hudd, the “perfect stranger” telephone repair man with Samantha Fox in Chuck Vincent’s wonderful JACK ‘N’ JILL. A seven girl slumber party offers several interesting configurations, like a deftly executed daisy chain, and features the likes of Lisa Be (the worldly wise aunt from Phil Drexler’s SCENT OF HEATHER) and Colleen Anderson a/k/a “Heather Young” (who played the lead in Drexler’s SATIN SUITE) who, in a trivia note, is introduced by Annie as “Heather Gordon” which was a pseudonym for Hillary Summers. The old guy in the movie theater is of course porn’s favorite pensioner Jake Teague, “Harlan, the Magician” from Howard Winter’s NEON NIGHTS, with underrated Michael Gaunt (brilliant in Richard Watkins’ American BABYLON) lending his penis to the proceedings. Truth be told, there are no dull moments here and this has as much to do with Annie’s powerful and ingratiating personality as with the intimate imagination on display. Her legion of fans will want to own their very own copy. If you’re not among them, you may actually find yourself walking away as one.

71c01 Sex Bizarre Sex Bizarre

A fashion show turns into a perverse S&M exhibition.

Lenght: 00:59:54

Year: 1981

Director: Carter Stevens

Vanessa del Rio
Annie Sprinkle
Minu Menage
Honey Stevens
Sue Williams
Lacey Rivers
Ron Hudd
Peter Rings
Vic Rock
Sidney Brownstreet
Ashley Moore
David Ambrose
Slave Ed

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c9133 Unwilling Lovers Unwilling Lovers

This 1977 film, directed by Zebedy Colt, is apparently only available in a very poor quality video tape with very muffled sound. Colt stars as a semi-retarded man who still lives as a child in his backwoods home. His view of sex is distorted by memories of his mom and dad having sex then falling off a cliff, so he tries to emulate their sick sex acts with any girl he sees. Scene 1 stars Terri Hall as a young naked nymph on a picnic with her boyfriend who is mauled by a nude Colt! She cracks her head open on a rock, but that doesn’t stop Colt from mounting her and screwing her corpse silly. Hall does an impressive acting job before she meets her maker, and this kind of necrophiliac perversion is the kind of great Colt filmmaking to be expected. Scene 2 stars Nancy Dare as a blonde girl on a date who has her blouse torn open and is forced to go down on her boyfriend in their convertible! Colt watches from behind a tree, then bashes the guy’s head in with a rock, strangles Nancy and forces his dick into her mouth for a blowjob of his own. Scene 3 stars C.J. Laing (God bless her!) and Annie Sprinkle as two sexy girls giving a strip tease to Colt and the family gardener. Laing and Sprinkle indulge in sapphic delights before inviting the gardener in for a little fun as Colt watches like a child in front of the TV.

Lenght: 01:26:08

Year: 1977

Director: Zebedy Colt

Jody Maxwell   
Terri Hall   
C.J. Laing   
Annie Sprinkle   
John Bush   
Barbara Ames   
Zebedy Colt   
Rod Dumont   
Renee Sanz   
Nancy Dare   
Peter Andrews   
Bernie Cohan   
John Lawrence   

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