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Anal Vision 21 Anal Vision 21

When Gerry goes exploring down by the river, he’s hardly prepared for the shadowy woman who follow his every move. When she finally makes her play, it’s right towards his massive cock, and he reciprocates by slamming it into her in every conceivable position. Stay tuned for the very surprising ending to this tale! Pretty Ms. Cartwright gets hit on quite often from her boss Mr. Black, so this time she’s ready for his tricks -using her video camera to record the dirty deed! Her hidden lens catches all his lecherous action as he gives it to her hard in every hole- including the blast to her cute face!! That calls for a raise!! Lacy’s not the bet housekeeper around – however, she does have is a nice round butt! And she’s not adverse to letting the master of the house use it for his pleasure, as long a s he gives it to her hard! Where do you find girls like these!? In Anal Vision – of course!!

Lenght: 01:06:34

Year: 1994

Director: N/A

Marilyn Martyn   
Nicole London   
Dick Nasty   
Gerry Pike   
Max Hardcore   

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retro porno327 Channel 69 2

Join Sharon Kane, Tia, Sindee Coxx, Sofia Ferrari, Jay Ashly, Theresa Gunn and Sid Deuce as you host in a behind the scenes look at the seductive world of sex entertainment where lustful women and horny men will do anything for high ratings and personal pleasure!

Lenght: 00:59:39

Year: 1995

Director: N/A

Sharon Kane   
Sid Deuce   
Sindee Coxx   
Sophia Ferrari   
Tia Gunn   
Jay Ashley   
Paul Coxxx   
Tommy Gunn   

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Pour Une Blonde Pour Une Blonde

Lucas is the head of a private-eye agency. While his assistant Jenny is out at work, he watches a porn cassette he has received from a customer who thinks his daughter (Anne) can be seen in it. Jenny is keeping a watch on Dolores, a brunette who goes to a porn cinema and has an adventure with a man from the audience (Dominique Aveline). Jenny joins them. Then the two women go to a hotel where they make love together. Dolores tells Jenny she is married to an “avant-garde” film-maker who ignores her. Meanwhile, Lucas meets Elise, Anne’s lover, who convinces him to bring her back. Lucas discovers the identity of the author of the porn movie featuring Anne (a man called Bobinard, alias for Edmé Koumat!). It dawns on Lucas that Koumat is also Dolores’s husband. Koumat aknowledges making porn to finance his “avant-garde” films. The film ends on Koumat bringing his cameraman and a young brunette (spitting image of French director: Marie-Hélène Breillat) to film the inescapable final orgy in Lucas’s office.

Lenght: 01:17:01

Year: 1981

Director: Michel Caputo

Cathy Dupre   
Eva Muller   
Laura Clair   
Mika Barthel   
Nicole Segaud   
Jack Gatteau   
Richard Lemieuvre   
Dominique Aveline   

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classic porn265 Anal Nation

Guys have infiltrated the patient pool to learn about this strange practice humans enjoy! Something called “anal sex.”

Lenght: 01:18:21

Year: 1990

Director: William Black

Bridgette Monroe   
Zara Whites   
Cal Jammer   
Marc Wallice   
Randy West   
Rocco Siffredi   
Wayne Summers   

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Swedish Erotica Vol.125 Swedish Erotica Vol.125

In the early ’70’s Caballero was a small start up company, specializing in filming and distributing hardcore adult stag movies. It was an unenlightened era, with uncontrolled censorship permanently closing most adult businesses. Caballero however, preserved, grew and prospered. But it became an overnight sensation when they decided to produce a new 8MM film series called “Swedish Erotica”. This new series showcased the most exciting and salacious porn stars of that time. John Holmes, Seka, Aunt Peg, Desiree Cousteau, Serena, and countless others performed their most erotic scenes for these early subtitled home movies. With the advent of video and the personal VCR Caballero’s success was meteoric. Hundreds of scenes were shot and released to a grateful world of aroused viewers and serious collectors. We have now carefully combed our extensive archives of classic Swedish Erotica film and video, and selected the nastiest, raunchiest and most infamous scenes and present them to you in this unique Four Hour format. It’s our way to saying thanks to all our many fans!

Lenght: 01 h 28 min 19 sec

Year: 1995

Director: N/A

Bunny Bleu   

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True Sin True Sin

What is true sin? Cum on in and find out. This steamy flick highlights true sin and provides a great time for the watcher! It’s got lots of cock sucking and pussy licking for you to enjoy! It will leave you weak in the knees with its hot sex scenes. There is even some lesbian action in here! You’ll love this one!

Lenght: 01:10:12

Year: 1990

Director: Anthony Spinelli

Ashley Dunn   
Ashlyn Gere   
Jeannie Pepper   
Lauren Brice   
Mike Horner   
Randy West   

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Dangerous Behinds Dangerous Behinds

Hardcore Interracial Action… check out how these white dudes try to handle enormous black booty. These girls are anxious and ready to ride on white dick. Don’t miss these black girls take control of the situation and get all they can out of whitey’s meat. This is a super hot classic that you don’t want to miss!!!!

Lenght: 01 h 23 min 06 sec

Year: 1995

Director: Spike Leigh

Cassandra Curves   
Ebony Ass   
Lil Bit   
Dick Nasty   
Hank Rose   
Jeff Coldwater   
Jeff Prober   
Paco Pasqua   

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ed0bf The Coming Of Christy The Coming of Christy

In the

Lenght: 01:09:27

Year: 1990

Director: Tina Marie

Christy Canyon   
Mike Horner   
Peter North   
Wayne Summers   
Rene Foxx   
Kristarrah Knight   
T.T. Boy   

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