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Angela Baron shines in one of her very first hardcore features in this romp. Angela plays the leader of a group of ‘trampires,’ women born into the line of Dracula who just couldn’t get into the whole blood sucking thing. Instead, they have trained themselves in the art of erotic killing — they literally sex their partners to death. Angela has gathered around her a bunch of breasty bad girls who share her passionate predilections, and together they set out to seduce and destroy the entire male population. Arrayed against here are the likes of Randy West as a doctor who yearns to get to the bottom of the unsolved murders, and Joey Silvera as private investigator Mr. Hacker, the only man alive who knows how to stop the trampires. The whole thing is very silly, with lots of goofy dialogue and supposedly moody sets. What really stands out, though, is the sex. Angela looks great, sporting her natural curves as she takes on all comers. She shines in the clinch with her fellow female vamps, and joins Tom Byron for a blistering boff that closes the flick out on a high note. Filled with lush, romantic interludes, ‘Trampire’ is a great chance to catch some of the best performers at the top of their games.

Lenght: 01:10:41

Year: 1987

Director: C.C. Williams

Angel Kelly   
Angela Baron   
Kim Alexis   
Nikki Knight   
Carol Titian   
Joey Silvera   
Randy West   
Robbie Dee   
Tom Byron   

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The film start as Suzie walks in on 3 other female students who seduce the athlete student Leonard in the bathroom before his game. The girls peer pressure Suzie to not only join in but be the only one going all the way. On the way to the game, the school bus’ driver takes a break, causing the athletes and cheerleaders to pass the time in a sex orgy. Back in class, a teacher discusses Darwin and religion while secretly getting a fellatio by a student under his desk. A few rows forward, Leonard secretly gets Suzie to give him a hand job. While in a library, an older guy takes it for granted when a knelt down red-haired cheerleader and her friend suddenly take interest in his crotch. Once again, Suzie comes in and is peer pressured to be the one going all the way. The young school nurse inspects Suzie’s boyfriend’s strained crotch from the game, and suddenly gives him a fellatio. Suzie comes in but the nurse pressers her to join them. Later on, Suzie gets it on with various school athletes in various locations.

Lenght: 01:12:43

Year: 1974

Director: Richard D’Antoni

Suzie Mitchell   
Harry Reems   
Jamie Gillis   
Marie Botbol   
Barbara D’Antoni   
Barbara Davies   
Maria Estoban   
George Kan   
Robert McDowell   
Larry Parts   
Darby Lloyd Rains   
Neil Richards   
Billy Stavry   
Mary Sweeney   
Buck Taylor   
Cindy Travers   
Cindy West   
Maurice Wilson   
Peter Young   

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Lenght: 01:15:55

Year: 1984

Director: Candida Royalle

Carol Cross   
Cassandra Leigh   
Chelsea Blake   
Marita Ekberg   
Sharon Kane   
Taija Rae   
Tish Ambrose   
Bernard Daniels   
Dave Ambrose   
David Sandler   
David Scott   
K.Y. Lee   
Klaus Multia   
Scott Baker   

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Sam is a pornographic novelist quite successful. He can describe only what he sees. With the complicity of a young resourceful widow and his own wife serving him as a “pimp”, he installs a two-way mirror to observe in detail the most outrageous sexual games.

Lenght: 01:17:59

Year: 1982

Director: Patrick Aubin

Alban Ceray   
Dominique Aveline   
Cathy Menard   
Hubert Geral   
Emmanuelle Berdier   
Isabelle Bresles   
Fabienne Parc   

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Lenght: 01:11:00

Year: 1985

Director: Miles Kidder

Ali Moore   
Buffy Davis   
Erica Boyer   
Gina Carrera   
Ginger Lynn Allen   
Jennifer Noxt   
Andrea Brittian   
Lana Burner   
Buck Adams   
Craig Roberts   
Francois Papillon   
Harry Reems   
Herschel Savage   
Jerry Butler   
John Holmes   
John Leslie   
Kevin James   
Peter North   
Rick Savage   
Ron Jeremy   
Tom Byron   
Tony Martino   

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Talented GERARD KIKOÏNE signs on to once more a totally uncontrolled work environment in which it takes each interpreter, JULIA PERRIN in mind, in a delivery of their best sexual performance. Truculent and brilliant!

Lenght: 01:00:09

Year: 1980

Director: Gérard Kikoïne

Brigitte Lelaurain   
Flore Soller   
Sophie Duflot   
Dominique Saint Claire   
Julia Perrin   
Mika Barthel   

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There is something missing in our future … Something that will satisfy the deepest desires. She has returned to find it, and nothing can stop her. She will be satisfied! A huge budget and lavish story make this the ultimate in adult sci-fi.

Lenght: 01:15:15

Year: 1994

Director: Phil M. Noir

Bunny Bleu   
Isis Nile   
Lynn LeMay   
Tricia Yen   
Tiffany Million   
Alex Sanders   
Jon Dough   
Jonathan Morgan   
Mike Horner   
Steven St. Croix   

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I just love big tits! Johnnie exclaims, his nose buried in a pile of brassiere Johnnie is a stock boy in a bra factory. This is paradise! Wherever he turns there is either the pretty, young, and very voluptuous model Connie trying on a new bra, or buxom boss Miss Jackson watching and hanging over his every move. It’s Miss Jackson big hangers that drives him mad. He’s just got to get a peel at them! Meanwhile Johnnie peeks at Connie changing bras and dreams of real nasty girls with big tits. Girls like Laura Sands, Joyce Patrick and Pamela Jennings, girls direct from the pages of your favorite big tit magazine his uncontrollable lust he thrusts his hand in his pocket to rub his rising need. “Johnnie do you have a problem?” Miss Jackson catches Johnnie again! “Get back to work before I do this to the pencil in your pants!” Miss Jackson breaks Johnnie’s pencil, but not his spirit. If he could just keep his mind on his work, and his hand out of his pocket, maybe he won’t get fired. But don’t worry; someone so into big tits is invaluable in a bra factory. He only needs a chance to prove his worth. So put your hands in you pocket and delight to the sight of bouncing boobies. D-Cup Delights delivers a bevy of delectable mounds of quivering tit flesh.

Lenght: 01:11:31

Year: 1987

Director: John Stagliano

Julia Parton   
Laura Sands   
Pamela Jennings   
Cole Stevens   
Greg Rome   
Herschel Savage   
John Stagliano   
King Paul   
Tony Montana   

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The Demolition woman has returned to conclude her search, only this time she’s even more determined! Her needs will be fulfilled, no matter what the outcome … she will be satisfied! Here is the second installment in this highly acclaimed adult Sci-Fi series. Get ready for the ultimate in erotic action. Prepare yourself for the future!

Lenght: 01:16:33

Year: 1994

Director: Phil M. Noir

Bunny Bleu   
Lynn LeMay   
Rebecca Wild   
Tammi Ann   
Tricia Yen   
Victoria Andrews   
Alex Sanders   
Jonathan Morgan   
Tony Tedeschi   

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The moment he lays eyes on China Mai, Damien knows that she’s his cup of Oriental tease. When it comes to muffs, there’s nothing like a deep Dim Sum dive! As, Confucious say, “The best thing about fortune nookie is getting inside. Monique is an educated woman who generally prefers her men with plenty of sexual experience. In wisemark’s case, she’s willing to make an exception! He may be young, but he’s obviously a graduate from the school of “hard cocks”! Karla, the mistress of the manor, rules her domain with an iron glove. Before she hires Damien as her butler, Karla made sure he was clear on his job description… when she rings for him, he cums!

Lenght: 01:06:31

Year: 1992

Director: N/A

China Mai   
Monique Perri   
Damien Wolf   
Steve Austin   

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