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Lenght: 01 h 23 min 44 sec

Year: 1984

Director: Ntaimo

Katerina Spathi   

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A feast for all the senses! Tracy Adams serves it up hot to Don Adams on the tennis court in this all-star sizzler. Between sets she shares strokes with a visiting niece, a traveling circus clown bent on juggling as many balls as she can fit into her schedule, and mouth! Neighbors Nina Hartley and Don Fernando lend their mixed doubles skills to the heated play both on the court and getting off!

Lenght: 01:10:35

Year: 1991

Director: N/A

Tracey Adams   
Megan Leigh   
Nina Hartley   
Don Fernando   
Mike Horner   
Tom Byron   

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Lenght: 01:23:32

Year: 1992

Director: Dino

Andrea Molnar   
Anette Montana   
Dagmar Lost   
Diana Siefert   
Angelica Bella   
Christoph Clark   
Roberto Malone   
Yves Baillat   

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The film starts off with a guy playing guitar in prison and abruptly switches to a scene with Vanessa Del Rio in a car with three guys and a girl. Apparently, Vanessa was picked up hitch-hiking…big mistake on her part. The “gang” takes her back to their hide-out and the three men of the group swiftly take to making Ms. Del Rio “air-tight” in a pretty long and rough rape scene, complete with DP and jizz-bath action. When they’ve all “finished”, the gang begins to plan their next caper – but not before one of the group goes back for a little extra “fun” with Vanessa. Their next heist includes the abduction of a family (husband, wife, and two daughters) who are also brought back to the gang’s lair and abused. The daughters are made to give their dad a blow-job, and then both daughters and the wife are raped. The chick of the gang (I guess feeling a little left out), goes downstairs to have some fun with the still captive Del Rio. After all this “action” – the scene cuts back to the guy playing guitar in prison (who turns out to be one of the kidnappers), and then a short “resolution” scene where you see the kidnapped family back in their van discussing how they escaped…

Lenght: 00:57:39

Year: 1976

Director: Joe Davian

Vanessa del Rio   
Red Baron   
Crystal Sync   
Barbara Ames   
Clea Carson   
David Pierce   
Roger Caine   
Susaye London   
John Bush   

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Lenght: 01:16:04

Year: 1985

Director: Ken Brown

Tanja Simon   
Conny Reinhard   
Christa Ludwig   
Alban Ceray   

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