classic porn271 Eleven Inches Of Loving

Pretty brunette Olivia Luv sits on her bed and gazes in wonderment at the giant schlong of porn legend John Holmes as he stands naked in front of her. He approaches her, and she goes to work sucking that huge dick, trying to fit as much of it into her mouth as she can. He sits beside her and helps her undress before he fucks her while spooning her, and she lays back to take it missionary. She rides his pole cowgirl, and she goes back to blowing him until he finally blows his load into her wet mouth….

Lenght: 00:53:03

Year: N/A

Director: N/A

John Holmes   
Hollie Divine   
Brook Knox   
Divine Valentine   
Destiny Reel   
Marie Dane   
Olivia Luv   

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retro porno25 Older Men With Young Girls

Lenght: 01:20:39

Year: 1985

Director: Jack Remy

Bunny Bleu   
Joanna Storm   
Summer Rose   
Tamara Longley   
Harry Reems   
Nick Random   
Tyler Reynolds   

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classic porn28 Raven

Watch the Princess of Prey in 8 scorching scenarios! See as she floats by the pool letting you in on her favorite fantasies and scenes. This dark-haired beauty is sure to have you wishing for days of Fawcett flips and hot pants. Raven is the ultimate bird of prey and she wants your man meat for dinner!

Lenght: 01 h 27 min 48 sec

Year: 1984

Director: Milton Ingley

Gina Carrera   
Ginger Lynn Allen   
Crystal Breeze   
Roxanne Rollan   
Blake Palmer   
Greg Rome   
Herschel Savage   
Marc Wallice   
Paul Thomas   
Steve Drake   

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Laze Laze

‘Big Earl’ (Chi Chi Larue) doies out his Southern belles to ball the politicians in his hip pocket, thus keeping his political machine intact. He hopes! However, Lydia Tightshells (Victoria Paris) is running against ‘Big Earl’ in this next election. She secretly has a firm grip on his staff member and plans to ‘stiff’ him, assuring a smooth transfer of explosive power into her own hands! ‘Big Earl’s’ girls, palatial offices and bordellos are no match for Lydia’s ‘ballot box’. ‘Big Earl’ has a big mouth but she expertly uses hers to get results! And the winner is…!”

Lenght: 01:16:46

Year: 1990

Director: Henri Pachard

Kelly Royce   
Michelle Monroe   
Suzie Bartlett   
Talia James   
Victoria Paris   
Joey Silvera   
Jon Dough   

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6f2c6 The Naked Goddess 1 The Naked Goddess

She speaks the language of love, with a backdoor accent. Stunning Italian import Moana is back, and better than ever! In his two-part epic, Moana plays a luxurious, ultra-exclusive sex chateau. There, any fantasy can be realized for a price. But Moana meets her match when she takes on a new client with a most unusual problem, and brings her most unusual therapy on the lucky stiff!

Lenght: 01:13:14

Year: 1993

Director: Gerard Damiano

Moana Pozzi   
Jonathan Morgan   
Buck Adams   
T.T. Boy   
Shawnee Cates   
Holly Ryder   
Stacey Nichols   
E.Z. Ryder   
Peter North   
Julian St. Jox   
Tim Lake   
Alyssa Jarreau   
Gloria Leonard   
Ed Powers   
Tom Chapman   

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2659f a107656 bf Monster Black CocksThe true monsters of the unbelievable 1970s take center stage in this collection of nothing but massive black dicks poking tender white meat! The legendary sex freak Long Dong Silver has a dick that hangs past his knees, and even porn icon Seka cant get over the size! Hard-bodied muscle stud Johnny Keyes sees if a pretty young blonde can handle his chocolate love. An enormous black body builder tries to find a hole deep enough to take his shaft in 14 Inch Root. Also includes Stud Service, Long Black Cock, Cum Party, Salt and Pepper and more films of squealing sluts desperate to take the whole thing!

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This classic clip from Monster Black Cocks from the Alpha Blue Archives features a sexy interracial blowjob and fucking scene complete with plenty of pubic hair and dated hairstyles.

Categories: Classic

Scene Number: 5

Orientation: Straight

21044 Beyond Taboo Beyond Taboo

Lenght: 01:25:04

Year: 1984

Director: Charles De Santos

Helga Sven   
Desiree Lane   
Lili Marlene   
Blair Harris   
Dan T. Mann   
Jon Martin   
Kirk Wilder   
Yôko Wong   

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retro sex327 Charlene In Action

Charlene, die kaffeebraune Schoenheit zeigt in dieser ultrascharfen Magmafilm-Produktion was sie in Sachen „Sex“ so drauf hat. Dem heissbluetigen Karibik-Luder ist kein Ding zu gross und keine Praktik fremd. Egal auf welche Art und Weise es ihre Lover mit ihr treiben wollen – sie macht alles mit! Gemeinsam mit „Babette“ und vier weiteren huebschen Ludern heizen sie den Kerlen kraeftig ein. Wer Charlene bei ihren versauten „Reiterspielen“ zusieht der weiss, warum sie einer der be-liebtesten Stars von Magmafilm ist… Goennen Sie sich diesen Magmafilm Klassiker!


Year: 1991

Director: Moli

Charlene Roben   
Stella Tempest   
Tika Bisso   
Frank Balard   
Jean-Pierre Armand   
Richard Langin   

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Body Lust Body Lust

BODY LUST opens with secretary Valerie Martin’s going down on her boss (Gérard Gregory) behind his desk. He leaves the office and she resumes typing. A visitor (Jack – Jacques Gatteau) arrives to see the boss and sits down to wait, but it isn’t long before he is standing behind her and putting his hands down her blouse. The boss returns and catches them at it on the office couch. She gets fired and takes Jack home with her. The boss is the only person in the film who takes offence at finding his or her sexual partner in the act with another.

Lenght: 01:12:09

Year: 1978

Director: Pierre B. Reinhard

Cathy Stewart   
Celine Gallone   
Diane Dubois   
Maria Catala   
Valerie Martins   
Gerard Gregory   
Jacques Gatteau   
Joel Charvier   

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classic porn371 Debbie Does Hawaii

Tonight we offer you a tropical triple treat imported from horny Hawaii. In Debbie Does Hawaii a sexy blonde virgin goes off to college in Hawaii. Her new friends take it upon themselves to turn her into a huge slut so they can use her body as a treat at an upcoming fraternity initiation.


Year: 1975

Director: Jerry Danns

Kelly West   
Laura Christy   
Sandi Nelson   

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