Sorority Sweethearts

One of the best XXX films of the “Golden Age”, Sorority Sweethearts is a real gem. It features an entertaining (funny) storyline, fine acting (especially by Linda Shaw and the late Lisa De Leeuw) and plenty of hot sex. Star Bridgette Monet can’t act but she is gorgeous. The guys in the main are typical pre-Viagra studs (impressive staying power but nothing to write home about in the looks department). As for the best scene, it’s a tie between Linda and Bridgette’s tender late-night coupling and the…ahem climactic deflowering of Bridgette’s character. Seriously, what more could a fan of this genre want?

Video length: 01:12:00

Year: 1983

Director: Paul Vatelli

Bridgette Monet   
Lisa De Leeuw   
Angel Burgeon   
David Cannon   
Mike Horner   
Herschel Savage   
Linda Shaw   
Marc Wallice   

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Clean Shaving

Year: 1989

Director: Moli

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Anal Housewives

The closed doors of the suburbs open wide to show you the nasty anal desires of bored housewives who take their deliveries in the rear! From pretty newlyweds to mature vixens, they all share one common desire; hot injections of sperm up into their warm anus cavities while their bodies shiver with orgasmic delight! The repairman, their husband, the cute neighbor, they really don’t care, as you will see here in this hand picked collection of vintage films!

Year: 1975

Director: N/A

Vanessa Del Rio
Dave Ruby
Ron Jeremy

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Une ravissante petite chatte americaine

Linda comes for the first time in Paris from California his home land.She wants to see lot of monuments but with different lovers so she’ll better appreciate them.So she ‘ll discover la tour Eiffel, les champs elysees, la seine and its boats ,Boulogne woods.Her visit will finish in beauty with Sonia and Dominique 2 pretty parisian girls who will take her in a «special» night club.

Video length: 00:57:51

Year: 1982

Director: Jean-Michel Tamitiez

Jacqueline Letendre
Ulla Levesque
Andre Laborde
Jacques Limandre
Alban Ceray

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Story of a Hole

Video length: 01:13:43

Year: 1983

Director: Vangelis Papadimas

Monica Dimitriou
Maria Mitrou
Tzeni Kontos
Pavlos Karanikolas
Aris Kosmatos
Georges Karras

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Luna Chick

When a patient falls in love with her therapist’s boyfriend, the therapist goes a bit insane herself and plots revenge on them both. Join Paul Thomas and adult’s leading luminary Racquel Darrian, in a tight and taut psychological thriller filled with betrayal, mistaken identity, and best of all Racquel Darrian.

Video length: 01:14:42

Year: 1995

Director: Paul Thomas

Racquel Darrian
Rebecca Lord
Tiffany Million
Derek Lane
Jon Dough
Sean Michaels
Steven St. Croix

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Night Vision

Ashlyn is a dreamer. A sex dreamer. She has thunderous orgasms, both sleeping and wide awake. And this suits her just fine until talk of marriage somehow dims her nocturnal abilities. Join Bud Lee on a wild night ride with adult’s scorching superstar Ashlyn, plus gorgeous Tera Heart, sultry Raveness, and nasty Alex Jordan, in a dreamy mixture of real and unreal. In Night Vision, one woman’s vision. One hot film!

Video length: 01:06:58

Year: 1994

Director: Bud Lee

Ashlyn Gere
Alex Jordan
Tera Heart
Colt Steel
Nick East
Red Bone

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2 Slips Ami-ami

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Jacques lives with his girlfriend (Liliane Lemieuvre) and her girl (Frédérique – Cathy Stewart) lives with them. The film opens with his coming home from work at night. He seems to be an airline pilot. He encounters Frédérique who is still up. He tells her to go to bed and joins his relaxing girlfriend who wakes up and starts making love to him once he is relax. Next door, the cute girl listens to what’s going on and it obviously turns her on. The next morning, while her girl is in the kitchen, Frédérique joins Jacques in his bedroom and makes it clear she wants more than just family bonds. But things won’t go further than a blowjob as the girl comes back and prepares herself for the day. He tells her he’s got an appointment in the afternoon, but we understand he’s going to see the girl who happens not to have school that day. So they are off to a nice lover’s day in Paris. The season is obviously winter, but this doesn’t prevent them from making love in a park (near Le Palais de Chaillot as far as I can see). Later his girlfriend starts another sex session in the bedroom but Frédérique is watching behind the door and Jacques cuts the scene short. Too tired, he says. The love affair between Jacques and Frédérique has been going on for a few days when one night the elder girl – and soon former girlfriend – welcomes them coldly as she has now understood everything. But friends have shown up and the time is ripe for a nice cosy evening with Carmelo, Suzanne, Michel, Claire, Myriam, Mario and Richard. Carmelo starts his gay/transvestite routine which will end with him being sodomised by Mario while the others are busy. All the others? No, for Frédérique seeing Jacques with Suzanne has left. After the party he realises she’s gone. He then momentarily tries to find solace in Myriam’s mouth but Frédérique has left his life empty. He realises he shouldn’t have allowed Frédérique to witness the orgy. Both start strolling in Paris to bring back memories until they see one another on a bridge behind the Cathédrale Notre-dame and fall in one another’s arms. Love is there again and… Back to bed!

Year: 1976

Director: Alain Payet

Cathy Stewart
Claude Janna
Liliane Lemieuvre
Lucie Doll
Myriam Benzerti
Suzanne Brismich
Dominque Aveline
Cyril Val
Carmelo Petix
Richard Lemieuvre

Kitten Cums Back

Kitten Natividad Compilation

Year: 1992

Kitten Natividad
Jake Steed

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Rabo I

Video length:

Year: 1985

Director: Jose Miziara

Oswaldo Cirillo   
Raquel Coelho   
Rony Cocegas   
Karina Miranda   
Patricia Petri   
Andrea Pucci   
Messias Rubio   

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