retro sex2 Anus Party

Lenght: 01:28:40

Year: 1989

Director: Hal Freeman

Rachel West   
Raven Richards   
Tina Gordon   
Dick Rambone   
Jim Uzi   
Ron Jeremy   
Scott Irish   

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retro sex3 Heisse Liebe Im Wustensand

A group of adventurous tourists will go for a trip with the jeep through the desert. They have a breakdown, and so they have to search for help. Finally, the group reaches a mysterious place. They experience a sexual odyssey and they let their sexual dreams and desires come true. A hot piece of the “Master of French Erotic”, Michel Leblanc.

Lenght: 01:15:53

Year: 1985

Director: Michel Leblanc

Jessica Stehl   
Laura Clair   
Melissa Bonsardo   
Michele Leska   
Michelle Davy   
Christopher Clark   
Berttrand Corne   

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classic sex4 Handy Fever

Aircraft mechanics and pilots playing with extremely sensitive material. Accuracy in the service is top priority, for there is no place else. You might say. But is not this way: At least in our hangar, there is a feuchtgeiles Anti-Stress-Training! The girls do the flying department around einputten, exacerbated natürlicih in the ass, where no men on the spot, shall be replaced tails by dildos, wrench or vices, in dringendne cases, a phone rings in the pussy and orgasm is also G-spot moderately hosed. Volle Lotte also. Take off!

Lenght: 01:22:03

Year: 1990

Director: Dino

Salina Jalpa   
Cindy Screw   
Platina Facel   
Kim Kennedy   

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retro sex4 Prouesses De Coquines

Lenght: 01:10:49

Year: 1986

Director: Ron Jeremy

Liza Anne   
Stephanie Rage   
Sunny Day   
Blake Palmer   
Frank James   
Ron Jeremy   
Sasha Gabor   
Tony Montana   

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retro porn11 JOse Tout

Margo, divorced, young and beautiful is unsatisfied with her life. She needs a change, new experiences. She publishes a small ad in a newspaper for partner-swapping asking for a young woman who looks to live the same experience. A nice and sensual woman answers to her small ad. They meet and decide to make love with the husband of one of Margo’s friend. The resulting situations reach the summits of sensuality and eroticism ! Those two exciting and superb women will go to your head. Believe it!

Lenght: 01:08:31

Year: 1977

Director: Anthony Spinelli

Chris Cassidy   
Delania Raffino   
Jack Wright   
Joey Silvera   
Desiree West   
Blair Harris   

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retro sex5 Peek A Boo Gang

Lenght: 01:00:04

Year: 1985

Director: Ron Jeremy

April May   
Gina Valentino   
Heather Wayne   
Nicole West   
Alan Royce   
Craig Roberts   
Greg Rome   
Jeff Conrad   
Sasha Gabor   
Steve Drake   

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Blonde Beavers Blonde Beavers

The hunt is on! We’re hot on the trail of hot, dripping beaver. Not just any beaver but the rare true blonde. The one that is most desirable. As men, we all have to have one real blonde in our life. Well the hunt is on and some of them are hiding right here. So kick off your boots have some fun with the hottest blonde beavers this side of the dam.

Lenght: 00:50:12

Year: N/A

Director: N/A

Starring: N/A

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retro sex6 Book Of Fantasy

Guy and Stephanie have diner at the restaurant, while Mark with the complicity of the valet, is robbing their apartment. When sharing the loot, Mark inherits a mysterious diary containing the most perverse fantasies of Stephanie. The couple discovers the damage and Guy, moved by the apparent disorder of his wife, sends her on vacation on the boat of her cousin Roxanne. The two females in heat will have lesbian relations, wholeheartedly, and reach orgasm while the exhaustion…. Mark, lured by the confidences of the diary, followed Stephanie and turns, without her knowing, her epistolary dreams into reality: horse racing, ass naked on the rump of the stranger soaked with sweat and cum, intimate photo sessions without consent, repeated by tramps in a filthy caravan, violent double penetrations, orgiastic gang bangs … She dreamed of a masked man : Zorro fucks her from behind on her knees, with enraged cock shots. She wanted to expose herself … the man in the flesh, she makes a hot striptease to the death on the boat deck, offering her body to the wind, to the sea spray and to the mast. The stiffly missus (or the upper-middle class woman or the bourgeoise) was hiding a hell of a slut, that Marc reveals in all its glory, its decadence, its most interesting intimacy. She swallows gallons of sperm, drips from her holes, dirty nails masturbate her and have her enjoying it like a bitch … This film is a revelation: sometimes just a mundane robbery can break the faithful woman and wake up the whore …

Lenght: 01:26:02

Year: 1990

Director: Michel Ricaud

Sunny McKay   
Isabelle Neyle   
Lynn Armitage   

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retro porno11 Barbii Unleashed

Lenght: 01:33:31

Year: 1988

Director: Bruce Seven

Brandy Wine   
Nina DePonca   
Peter North   
Randy West   
Ray Victory   
Steve Austin   
Tom Byron   

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retro porn6 Fresh Tits Of Bel Air

Jeannie is a housewife, busting at the seams with volcanic passion. She agrees to fulfill her husband’s voyeurism dream, opening the door to a hothouse of sexual escapades. The odyssey climaxes at an opulent Bel Air mansion, where fantasies become reality, courtesy of bra-busting local merchant named Magnum. Come on a long — the tits are fresh and the action is hot!

Lenght: 01:15:31

Year: 1992

Director: Giovanni

Chelly Supreme   
Kitten Natividad   
Saki St. Jermaine   
Tianna Taylor   
Tonisha Mills   
Peter North   
Sean Michaels   
TT Boy   

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